Self Build House Insurance

Self Build Houses 
You must have a self build dream. Before you seriously consider self building, you must understand that self building will not be easy but at the end of the project you will have self built your dream home. This self build website will guide you through the steps of self building and will point you in the direction of reputable suppliers of services and materials.

Self Build Land

Finding the right plot of building land for your project can seem to be problematic, but don’t panic - over 14,000 people manage it every year! There are plenty of online resources to help, such as Plotsearch, but sometimes word of mouth is the most powerful tool – so let local residents know that you’re looking to join their community.

Self Build Insurance

As soon as you purchase a plot of land for self building or a renovation project you become liable for any injuries to members of the public on your site and by law you must have adequate insurance.
If you are taking out a mortgage to fund your project your lender will not release any money without proof of site insurance being in place.

Self Build Structural Warranty

A 10 year structural warranty on your self build house should be in place before your construction starts. If your build requires a mortgage then your lender will require a structural warranty policy and should you look to sell the property within 10 years the buyers lender will also require a warranty. Additionally a warranty will provide you with peace of mind as the design, workmanship, materials or components that go to make up your new home will be checked by an experienced surveyor.